Three Easy Steps to Winning Consumer Trust

Declining consumer trust is a significant issue for the communication industry, with the proliferation of ‘fake news’ and increasing scepticism about influencer marketing. To create content that genuinely engages consumers and cuts through the noise, establishing trust and credibility with the audience has never been more important.

Tribe has long experience of helping organisations get closer to their audience, using a powerful combination of insight, integrated communications and evaluation to ensure that campaigns are really hitting the target. You can read some of our case studies here.

To help you keep your audience onside, we’re sharing three easy steps to gaining their confidence and making them more receptive to the brand stories you want your PR and Marketing to deliver:

  1. Get the Insight Right

Audience engagement increases when content is relevant and targeted. However, a lot of marketing and PR campaigns rely on long-held assumptions about what consumers really care about. Internal teams planning communication campaigns should always seek fresh insights that reflect the way their audience lives, thinks and behaves now.  Relying on received wisdom within the organisation can be really dangerous and last year’s market research doesn’t always reflect subtle changes in audience preference; or pick up warning signs of issues that might affect commercial success. Tribe’s dynamic Audience Closeness programmes put consumers right at the heart of communication planning – helping organisations to see things from the perspective of their stakeholders and continually sanity-check the data and insights on which campaigns are built. Meanwhile, our PRSV online media evaluation methodology creates unparalleled insights into which media are effectively engaging the audience for any brand, product or issue and reveals what is actually influencing their perceptions.


  1. Innovate through Insight-driven, Integrated Campaigns

Habits die hard and pressure on budgets can hamper creativity. Paying attention to the insight makes campaigns truly consumer-led. We’ve seen organisations stick rigidly to ‘tried-and-tested’ methods which, if we’re being honest, are ‘tried-and-repeatedly-failed’ or ‘tried-and-now-completely-irrelevant’. Our integrated communications programmes encourage organisations in the public and private sectors to build multi-channel activities that are fresh, engaging and based on what we’ve learned about the target audience and about which channels work. Bringing the insights to life through great content invariably gets the audience’s attention.


  1. Evaluate Genuine Engagement and Outcomes

Vanity metrics make our hearts sink. All they do is mislead the CEO or CMO about the actual effectiveness of campaigns in driving business outcomes. We focus on providing metrics to illustrate that consumers are sufficiently convinced to buy the product, visit the website, watch the film or TV programme. Our campaigns never aim to create click-bait or stacks of press clippings that nobody has read. Instead, we encourage clients to think differently about what would demonstrate that the audience trusts their communications and is proactively behaving in a way that helps them achieve results they can really be proud of.

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