Outshines Online Rivals

A major benefit of data-driven PR is that it provides invaluable insights, such as which media are driving the greatest consumer response to online media coverage. Our media evaluation system, PRSV, uses sophisticated statistical techniques to determine the audience most likely to have engaged with online coverage. This enables us to see the impact of coverage in different media on business outcomes and consumer behaviour such as Google search. The results can be very enlightening.

Data-driven PR reveals that audiences for online media can be very different from those who read hard copy versions. In the days when print was paramount, national publications were massively influential and now they are even more powerful as the arbiters of what news and other content people consume online. We’ve heard senior PR professionals boast openly that their brand would never be associated with The Daily Mail or The Sun, oblivious to the fact that these media can deliver huge business benefits through online coverage.

Using PRSV media evaluation, clients can see which online media are most effective at creating engagement; with 80% of this audience typically being generated by a much smaller percentage of publications on the target media list.

After some years in the shadow of, is no longer eclipsed by its major rival. The online version of The Sun is now outshining all others in its ability to reach the engaged audience for any given topic.

Print versions of daily publications have been in massive decline and circulation figures for even the largest ones have dropped rapidly. Online, however, it’s a completely different story, with audiences growing rapidly as media habits change.

With online media, circulation is a red herring. It’s not the overall number of daily readers that counts. Instead, what matters is the size of the audience that actually sees, reads and reacts to a piece of coverage about any brand, topic, theme or issue.

For every organisation or story, the optimal media list will vary. Past performance allows us to estimate how best to achieve desired outcomes from PR campaigns for any given subject. This helps enormously when planning which online media to target. For now, is most definitely a star performer!

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