PRSV Media Measurement Explained

PRSV from Tribe helps brands make informed decisions and provides evidence about how communications activity creates not just noise… but real business success. Our video explains how we measure what audiences actually see, read and respond to in online media – which is far more influential than social media.

PRSV can be used for any topic to determine:

  • The size of audience which is most likely to have seen and read online PR content
  • The financial value of this coverage
  • How successfully key messages have been delivered
  • Which online publications have successfully engaged audiences
  •  The emotions reflected in coverage
  • Performance benchmarked against competitors

PRSV is part of Tribe’s Qualimetrics suite of services, providing capture and analysis of big data from online sources such as media, reviews and social content. Turning qualitative data from ‘the world’s largest focus group’ into quantifiable insights, it provides answers to the most difficult questions about what really matters to an audience, brand or organisation – giving an informed focus for activity and budget and helping maximise marketing and PR effectiveness.

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