Putting Marketing Infrastructure in Place to Drive Growth

Financial Services

Our client was a UK-based financial services company with an innovative service to make it easier for customers to send money overseas. The task was to work with the product development team to rationalise the product proposition based on customer needs and challenges.

Once we had articulated the brand story, we worked on a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, designed to help the company move into new markets and grow its customer base.  This included updating the brand identity, building a new website and creating a range of supporting materials for customers and shareholders.

We needed to put in place a permanent and effective marketing structure to help the client move forward once our involvement was complete.  The first step was to recruit a new marketing manager to work in-house.  We ran the pitch and developed a brief for a PR agency with financial services expertise to handle media relations.  We also selected a lead generation agency to take care of direct marketing and sales pipeline generation.  Now the company had everything it needed to make a success of its growth plan!

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