It’s a Two Way Street

Affinity Sutton

Clarion Housing Group (formerly Affinity Sutton) wanted to re-establish the landlord/resident relationship and engage with their most disengaged, and equally resource demanding, customer segment, whilst also ending production of their expensive and widely ignored Tenant Handbook. We created an insight-led campaign with a series of semi-animated films at its heart that told the story of ‘Two Way Street’ and how it’s residents can get the most from their landlord, Clarion Housing Group, whilst taking responsibility themselves for issues such as rent payment, anti-social behaviour, minor repairs and community pride.

To inform the campaign strategy, creative and messaging, we undertook a series of in-home immersions amongst the disenfranchised resident segment to immerse ourselves in their world and gather insights about their life, attitudes, opinions and cultural reference points. We supported the films with a digital, social, print and community event campaign that motivated residents and their families to watch the films and support the initiative; as well as creating an internal aspect to the campaign to engage employees, leading to improvements in service delivery as well as resident behaviour.

The films have proved to be extremely successful and have achieved the highest levels of engagement amongst our tenants, residents and staff than anything we have done previously.

Rachel Guipet
Head of Resident Communications