Understanding customer needs


Toolstation has ambitious growth targets for the next few years. Alongside store expansion, growth targets will need to be achieved by increasing customer acquisition and increasing brand loyalty.

To fuel this growth, Toolstation asked Tribe to conduct research that provided an in-depth understanding of customer needs and drivers that will shape improved communications, service and product offerings.

Our methodology was to use a mix of qualitative methodologies to gain a holistic understanding of the customer and their needs, including:

  • Depth focus groups involving a variety of customer segments
  • A series of store-intercepts at various branch locations in the UK
  • Facilitation and production of a number of customer video diaries

The findings and subsequent insights we provided covered all aspects of the customer’s usage and attitudes, including:

  • Customer needs
  • Purchase channels
  • Competitor landscape
  • Brand perceptions and experiences
  • Communication channels, materials and activities

Our results then fed into a subsequent stage of quantitative research that we managed, which was used to quantify customer needs and test new ideas.