Insights to Improve the Customer Journey


Stemming from our work in helping Npower get closer to their customers, the company adopted a business objective to “Design the best customer experience journey for customers joining npower”.

The customer acquisition process, called ‘I Join’ is an important first step which sets the tone for the customer and company relationship going forward. At the time, approximately 35% of customers reported dissatisfaction with ‘I Join’, which translated to 50% of new acquisitions being likely to switch to other providers within their first 12 months.

Our research objectives were to:

  • Understand what customers expect and receive when joining – at all stages of the journey
  • Review, validate and expand on existing developed ideas for the revised process
  • Identify what would make npower ‘Best in Class’ for the acquisition process


We delivered a response that went beyond traditional research – from searching to joining, from questioning to collaborating.

We sofa-surfed with customers in their homes, learning how shopping for energy really happens. Using the insights generated through this activity, we organised and facilitated a series of co-creation sessions involving customers, competitor customers and npower employees, to deconstruct, compare and then create the future of an ideal joining experience.

Our debrief covered all stages of the mapped customer acquisition journey – providing detailed and actionable insights into the context, journey, decision-making process, competitor analysis, communication effectiveness, and ideas evaluation to help the client design the ideal customer acquisition process.