Evaluating the executive complaints process


Continuing their drive to be the energy supplier of choice, npower asked us to evaluate their Executive Complaints process and gather insights that would enable them to:

  • Understand the customer perspective
  • Understand the impact on the customer/supplier relationship
  • Identify how the complaints process, and specifically the ECT (Executive Complaints Team) process, could become more efficient, effective and fair

The client briefed us on the specific areas they wished to explore – to which we added a similar number of topics and lines of enquiry.

Our response was to conduct an interrogative piece of audience closeness that illuminated the current impact of the complaints process on customers and the npower brand. It involved us conducting in-home immersions with multiple segments, including ‘vulnerable customers’ classified as those with disabilities, ill-health, financial hardship and/or old age.

The insights gathered from these immersions were then used as stimulus for a series of focus groups we moderated, which included client participants; several depth interviews; and detailed analysis of live and recorded complaints calls.

Our debrief provided the client with detailed insights, analysis, evaluation and recommendations covering the:

  • Customer Context
  • ECT from the customers perspective
  • Resolution
  • The experience of complaining to npower
  • Brand impact
  • Causes
  • Getting the basics right
  • Metering