Collecting Customer Insights for Nectar’s Culture Change Initiative


Nectar were embarking on a significant and exciting new culture change programme, with the vision of ‘Putting Collectors at the Heart of Nectar’. We started the programme by bringing this vision to life with an inspirational event that involved their board of directors, senior teams and their all-important points collectors!

We trained the Nectar team in how to identify and gather insights, and then sent them out on a series of in-home immersions. An afternoon workshop followed where the key learnings were applied to strategy and objectives, and pledges made to make things happen. We filmed the whole event so it could be shared with the wider business and contribute to the culture change programme.

I’ve really enjoyed it and I think we should actually do this on a more regular basis across our business because I think it’s so important. I think it’s absolutely integral to our business going forward.

Emma Kisby
Client Services Director, Nectar