Storytelling Mia's Journey for Danone

Storytelling Mia's Journey for Danone

Storytelling Mia’s Journey for Danone

Mia’s Journey introduces the most important people in Danone’s world: mums.

We were asked to bring to life the masses of consumer insight that Danone has about their consumers, in an accessible and engaging way, and in a format that would become an integral part of Danone’s induction programme for new starters.

  • We took hundreds of insights, generated through all of Danone’s research and Mums at Heart, the unique consumer closeness programme we created for them
  • We used them to develop a film script that told the story of the journey new mums go through from the minute they find out they’re pregnant
  • We created a character, Mia, to tell the story of a mums’ journey, and reveal all the insights about life for a mum-to-be and new mum
  • We animated the story in a charming, brightly coloured, childlike style
  • The film is the perfect introduction to the fascinating world of motherhood and ensures that employees understand just why they have to put Mums at Heart


I really enjoyed watching Mia’s Journey and think that people, whether they are new to the business or not, will gain a lot from watching it. The script brilliantly highlights mums’ key moments, really showing the myriad of opportunities we have to excel and support mums.”

John Sykes

Managing Director UK, Danone Baby Division

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