Keeping Mums at Heart

Keeping Mums at Heart

Keeping Mums at Heart

  • We developed this multichannel programme to meet the dual needs of generating valuable and actionable customer insights, and generating pride and passion amongst employees in the core business purpose and customer audience
  • The programme has many facets, all focused on delivering a process of ‘Learn, Share & Apply’ to empower the whole business in the use of insights to build and maintain competitive advantage through customer understanding
  • Activities range from coffee mornings with mums & babies, Lunch & Learns with healthcare professionals, role-reversal workshops, in-home immersions, idea-generation sessions and new starter induction events
  • Central to the programme is the use of creative techniques to engage employees in mum’s world, including animated TV news bulletins, online and offline information hubs, display materials and cup cakes!

“Mums at Heart has had a significant impact on the way we see and understand our consumers and the insights we’ve achieved have had a huge impact on our business planning process. The programme reveals fascinating and truly actionable insights and brings them to life in a way that’s simply not possible with traditional research techniques. Most importantly, it’s fun and our team is engaged and inspired”

Julia Alpan

Head of Strategy and Insight

“Tribe are instrumental in keeping mum and HCP at the centre of our business. They have been providing a best in class consumer closeness programme for us for a number of years now, and still manage to consistently deliver inspiring events and exciting new connection ideas”

Natasha Lamming

Strategy & Insight Manager

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