Great Comments

A pat on the back

It’s always good to get feedback on projects, and even better when we get comments like those here…

Tribe have successfully brought the project to life with real creative flair, powerfully communicating our values and common goals.

Human Resources Director, Danone

The response to the whole project has been really excellent. People relished the opportunity to step outside their usual role, think differently about consumers. All of Tribe’s work, from the planning to the workshop, was very well received, in fact, all the feedback has been superb.

Market Research & Consumer Insight Manager, Evian

The programme is revealing some fascinating and truly actionable insights and bringing them to life in a way that’s simply not possible with traditional research techniques. Most importantly, it’s fun and our team is engaged and inspired.

Head of Strategy & Insight, Danone Baby Nutrition

We got some really great insights from the work you did. Would be delighted to recommend you guys

Head of Customer Insight UK & Europe, eBay

The strategy is great and the materials look fantastic! We’ve never been so motivated and excited about a campaign!

Director of Marketing & Communications, 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

It has exceeded my expectations, it has been incredibly easy, and what Tribe does is, although they’re an external partner, they’re as close and as part of the company as anybody else. Probably the most important thing is their enthusiasm actually outstrips mine, which is hard to believe, and that’s what makes this a success and is why I love working with Tribe.

Marketing Controller, Cow & Gate

Thank you for an excellent research session. You have interpreted the brief beyond my expectations.

Marketing Manager, King Edwards School, Bath

Tribe consistently demonstrate great understanding of our target audience and their needs. The team is highly professional and dynamic, bringing great experience and genuine commitment.

Brand Manager, Cow & Gate

Working with Tribe on this worldwide video library has been a pleasure. We’ve been so impressed at the quality of the output and the whole team’s expertise at presenting the insight and brand promise

Global Connections Director, Danone Baby Nutrition

Our response rates in direct mail this year are three times higher than previous years and would be envied by anyone in a marketing role.

Director of International Marketing Communications, eFunds International

I’m really happy with where we have got to with these, so thank you for your and your team’s hard work.

Insight Manager, Wm Morrison Supermarkets Plc

Today has been amazing. It’s been about listening to customers, about understanding them and about what’s going on in their lives. It has been multi-dimensional and great – lots of fun! I think there has been huge engagement, and what’s great is that sometimes when you’re on the board or at a very senior level you don’t get that time to have face-to-face, and this has been so valuable for us, to actually have face-to-face time listening to customers and their hopes, fears and concerns.

Chief Executive Officer, Npower

 A complete success. Working with Tribe has been fab, they’ve made the whole project incredibly satisfying. I’d like to say thank you for creating such a unique and impressive initiative and for being such a pleasure to work with – let’s carry on!”

Head of Medical Affairs, Danone Baby Nutrition

Can you pass on my thanks to the team today, a) for waiting for me, b) cat entertaining and c) for being incredibly professional and putting me at ease. As always it was a really positive, enjoyable experience for me.

Npower Customer

 It was lovely to be involved in the day and was pleased to be able to make contributions that may ultimately be beneficial to women and their babies

Community Midwife

 Thanks for the great job on the video, I’m so pleased. I also wanted to highlight your level of response guys in such a tight period of time. Superb. Thanks a million!

Marketing Manager, Aptamil

This was about understanding the emotional side of Nectar, what does it mean to customers, how is it being used – and it’s so different and diverse, it’s a really interesting and important exercise. I think tapping into that and hearing how they’re experiencing the brand has been really, really beneficial. 

Relationship Director, Nectar