empowering communities

Empowering Communities

According to our old friend Confucius: “If you think in terms of a year, plant a seed; if in terms of 10 years, plant trees; if in terms of 100 years, teach the people.”

It’s a sentiment we agree with wholeheartedly – after all, education is at the heart of change, and is the driving force behind empowering individuals and communities to do things differently, better or even for the very first time.

We’re lucky to have been given educational opportunities and resources in our lives that have enabled us to achieve everything we’ve done so far, and give us the confidence and ability to think about and pursue everything we will achieve in the future. But clearly, not everyone is as fortunate as us in having access to education.

It got us thinking. What if we could use our knowledge, networks and resources to pass on the opportunity to learn, so that people who don’t have access to education can benefit from it – and not just themselves, but their community as a whole?

So we had an idea. We’ve got stacks of books about all things marketing, PR, research, etc. that have been sat at the bottom of our cupboards for years – you might have some too. They’re obviously not the latest editions, but they do all contain the core principles, methods and approaches that are as relevant in today’s marketing world as they were back then.

How about we pass on these books to others, so that they can learn about marketing and apply it to their own venture? It might inspire individuals and groups to start their own business; to pursue a career in this field; to think of ways that they can use, promote and sell their own skills and materials – which can ultimately benefit more and more people.

Yes we know there’s a thing called the Internet, which is awash with content and resources to do with marketing, but not everyone has access to it; and there’s something special about a book that you can hold, feel, scribble notes in, read anywhere and pass on to someone else. It’s empowering.

So we’re on a mission to gather together as many unwanted marketing and related subject textbooks that we can, and then send these to communities at home and abroad that can most benefit from them. We can’t do it alone, so we’re actively seeking partners who can help us distribute these books – and we can’t do it without you, because we obviously want as many books as possible.

It’s early days, but we have goals in mind that include establishing micro-libraries stocked with marketing books that communities can access, learn from, then share and apply.

You can get involved by digging out those old course books and sending them to us. Once we have a decent quantity, we’ll arrange for them to be passed on to communities that can benefit.

Contact us at books@tribecomms.com for more details.