Discovering Baby Insights for eBay

Discovering Baby Insights for eBay

Discovering Baby Insights for eBay

eBay was preparing to launch a dedicated baby platform on its website. It was to be a separate proposition with its own landing page.

They’d done lots of the pre-work already but wanted a sense check: were they doing the right thing? We helped them find out!

  • We arranged two focus groups: one with pregnant women who’d already started buying their baby items, and one with new mums. We explored whether eBay was doing the right thing and found out exactly how mums shop for baby items on and off line. We also uncovered mums’ attitudes and explored the context that affects their shopping behaviour
  • eBay also wanted us to explore various creative routes for the proposition: the look, feel and the language that they should use
  • Finally, we examined the site navigation so we could understand the optimum online journey for users

So what did they learn? Everything they needed, and lots more besides!

You did a great job for us. We got a huge amount of insight from the work Tribe did so thank you, it was fantastic and the insights have underpinned the strategy. I would be delighted to recommend you guys!

Barbara Langer

Head of Customer Insight UK & Europe

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