Connecting Npower with its Customers

Connecting Npower with its Customers

Connecting Npower with its Customers

Npower were rated as the worst energy supplier in the UK in terms of customer satisfaction, with a Which? Magazine survey giving them an overall score of 39%.

Radical changes were needed, so Npower asked us to deliver a consumer closeness campaign in order to put customers back at the very heart of their business.

  • We began by visiting Npower customers all over the country, from Somerset to South Shields, filming families talking about their lifestyles, habits and experiences. Families were recruited from npower’s own customer panel, as well as our own ‘Tribe Mums’ panel. The footage was turned into a number of customer insight films, which were sent to members of npower’s Executive Circle in order to give an initial insight into the world of their customers.
  • We then held a ‘customer first’ closeness event for Npower’s directors and executive team – 23 members of the exec attended in total. This was an opportunity many of them had never experienced before, giving them a chance to meet their customers face to face and gain key insights in order to improve business decisions.
  • We designed, planned and facilitated each of the workshops, discussions and activities between Npower’s executive team and their customers. Various pieces of collateral were also produced for the event, including cut outs of the customers’ houses, visual aides and delegate packs.
  • The event was a complete success, with the Npower executive team learning a great deal from the day and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process. It was the important first step on npower’s journey towards becoming a more customer-focussed organisation

The event was so successful that we are currently in discussions with Npower about how we can assist them with an ongoing customer closeness programme, which will contribute to their objective of becoming no.1 for customer service.

I just wanted to thank you all for the customer first event, which I think was a real success. It is easy to talk about customers, without ever meeting them and hence the event was extremely powerful and something that should be rolled out to others.

Paul Massara

CEO, RWE Npower

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