Collecting Customer Insights for Nectar

Collecting Customer Insights for Nectar

Collecting Customer Insights for Nectar

Nectar were embarking on a significant and exciting new culture change programme, with the vision of ‘Putting Collectors at the Heart of Nectar’. They asked us to help kick off the programme by helping them to bring this vision to life.

We designed a one-off, inspirational event involving Nectar’s board of directors, senior teams, and of course, all-important points collectors!

  • We began by recruiting Nectar collectors from some key segments of their market using the Nectar Collector database. We recruited over the phone to ensure that the collectors met a range of criteria, not least a willingness to talk openly about a wide variety of subjects.
  • On the morning of the event, the team at Nectar visited a collector in their home, immersing themselves in their world and understanding their needs, motivations and attitudes. In preparation for this, we conducted a training session at Nectar Head Office, to ensure they got the most out of their visit.
  • Following the visits, the staff came together for an energetic workshop in the afternoon, where the learnings from the morning were built into insights and actions for the business.
  • Nectar points collectors worked with staff to create a collage around what Nectar means to them. A ‘Question Time’ session ensued, where key questions were put to Nectar staff by points collectors. Customer centric issues were addressed bravely and directly.
  • The day closed with action pledges from the Senior Staff, ensuring ownership and leadership for bringing the prioritised ideas to fruition.
  • Following the event, we produced an event film which enabled the day’s activities and learnings to be shared with the wider business team as part of the culture change programme.

I’ve really enjoyed it and I think we should actually do this on a more regular basis across our business, because I think it’s so important. I think it’s absolutely integral to our business going forward.

Emma Kisby

Client Services Director, Nectar

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